domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

My childhood

I am going to explain how my childhood was. I interview around 3 people. Now I remember a lot of memories and my family helped me.
I had dark skin. I looked like a Chinese person because my eyes were almond shaped. I had brown and straining hair. I had small and brown eyes. My face was very small. I wear glasses since I was 5 years old.
I was very shy and quiet. I was quiet for my mother because my brother was very nervous. I was very cute and I was likeable.
As I was a baby I would go to doctor with my mother and a person said "your daughter is a Chinese " and my mother said "No, this is my daughter ".
I have changed a lot. But the change is good. I changed when I was eleven. I talk a lot. I am not shy

School Trip to Sierra Nevada

Last Monday we went to Sierra Nevada. We went in bus. The travel during two hour. I didn´t boury because I talked with Susana and Alejo about our childhood because Alejo and I were in the same class even the first curse in high school.
We take a lot of photo in the bus. Some children vomit for the journey. There we had a lesson of ski. The lesson during 1 hour, I falled down on María and Paula laugh of me . Later,  Leire, Susana, Gisela and I ski in the ski rink until four. At four we had lunch. I eat for lunch a sanchwitch with jam and oil. we deliver all material that we used to ski. Before we come back. We take a photo. Later we come back to Cártama.

My mindset

The mindset is very important for all people. There are two types, growth mindset and fixed mindset. I am going to explain how our brain works when you have growth mindset.

My mindset is easy because I always want improve. I learn too new things every day I like remeber all things.

I am good at interpersonal because I really like talkwith other person. I have got a lotof friends and we tell our problem.

I am not good of logicaand mathematical but I like to put things into categories and I don´t liketo play number games.

So, I have got learn and practice a lot logical logical and mathematicalbut I know my problem and I  like improve.

Finally, I think that people works, gets good result. You have got choice to learn while you are happy
: ).

Memoria Histórica

El pasado jueves fue el día de la Memoria Histórica en Andalucía y para conmemorar este día asistimos  a la charla de Miguel, un importante ...