domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

My experience on the radio

Last week I went to Radio Cártama to do the first program. Irene, Jose, Mar and I talked about the current music. I went to Cartama on Jose María's car. My group talked first. We were very nervious but it wasn´t our first time althought it for Irene wasthe first time. We did very good.

My sorprise was that Manuel wrote a message to the radio. He said "You are doing a fun program. I am Manuel from Málaga but I am listening from Cádiz. I send greeting to Postigos family"
I think the experience is very important because I learn to work, I control my nervious and a I learn a lot of things about music.

Next Thuerday you can listen to a new program me in the 88.8fm.of your radio. The most important for me is to learn and have fun.

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