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Round the world in 80 days is a project that we realiced last year in English. We did a lot of activities. I am going to explain which activity we did.

VOCABULARY: We learnt new vocabulary and we did a world cloud about every chapter and word map about relevated information and new voocabulary.

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READING: We read the book "Round the world in 80 days " in English.
LISTENING: After we read the book, we saw the film in English.
WRITING: We learnt different type of text like report, a complain letter and travel guide and its estructure. My group did a report about Jules Verne´s and  the real topic of report was Sciences in Jules Verne´s life time but the importnt is that we learnt the structure of report.

SPEAKING: When we finish the book we can choose  to do a book trailer or role play of book scenes and we choose this.

Also we did a map with the travel of Philias Fogg in a paper map.

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